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Smoke Ventilation Testing

Smoke Ventilation Testing


What is smoke ventilation testing?
It is a detailed inspection which covers the following:

  • visual inspection of the smoke ventilation system
  • testing the efficiency of the smoke ventilation system
  • gathering information for inclusion in a maintenance log

Why is a smoke ventilation test necessary?
The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, requires building operators and owners to provide a suitable procedure of maintenance for the smoke ventilation installation to ensure the system is in efficient working order and in good repair. The smoke control system provides a fundamental element of the fire safety strategy.

Without a proper smoke vent test and maintenance programme, the only way of knowing if the smoke ventilation is sufficient – is if there is a fire. By that time – a failure could be catastrophic both in terms of damage to property – and potentially lost lives.

The average cost of commercial premises fire at £147,500. Research shows that 60% of private businesses that suffer a fire never recover and eventually go out of business.

Who can conduct a smoke ventilation system test and inspection?
Legal standards state a “competent person” should carry out inspections.

What records need to be kept as part of the smoke ventilation tests?
Records are required on site or in a suitable accessible place.



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