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Safety Audits

Safety Audits


No matter whether you are a large or small organisation or whether your work is high risk or low risk – every organisation needs to make sure that it follows good health, safety and environmental practices.

What is a safety audit?

Our safety audits involve a structured comprehensive process that tests the efficiency, effectiveness and reliability of your health, safety and environmental management policies and procedures.

Why do you need a safety audit?

Our safety consultants look at your organisation impartially – and through expert eyes. The aim of the safety audit is to ensure your organisation’s safety management system is being effectively implemented so that:

  • risk of accidents is reduced
  • work-related ill health is minimised
  • legal compliance for safety is established and maintained

Once the audit has been conducted, any remedial safety work and safety training can be documented and the organisation has the basis of an ongoing safety management plan.

Types of safety audits

  • General health and safety audits
  • Computer safety audits (DSE assessments)
  • Fire safety audits
  • Noise safety audits

Other Audits and Safety Testing

  • Portable Appliance Testing
  • Fixed Wire Electrical Testing
  • Legionalla Safety Testing
  • Asbestos Inspections/Survey



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