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Health & Safety Training

Health and Safety Training


Why invest in health and safety training ?

No organisation wants to have downtime – especially when it can be avoided! Investment in health and safety training makes good commercial sense as well as making your staff feel supported and nurtured. Financially imagine your key staff being off work due to a work-related health issue …

How can you benefit from health & safety training ?

  • Develop a safety orientated work culture
  • Fewer work injuries for your organisation
  • Reduce your lost work days from sickness and injury
  • Make potential savings on company healthcare costs
  • Reduce your insurance premiums and compensation claims
  • Improve your staff productivity
  • Reduce exposure for public liability claims from accidents

What kinds of health and safety training are available ?
At Safety for Work we provide a comprehensive range of online, onsite and offsite courses.


at your workplace – so you can train staff in familiar surroundings
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so staff can concentrate on training away from the business
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so staff can do the courses at a time/place that suits you and staff
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