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Health & Safety Training

Health and Safety Training


Why invest in health and safety training ?

No organisation wants to have downtime – especially when it can be avoided! Investment in health and safety training makes good commercial sense as well as making your staff feel supported and nurtured. Financially imagine your key staff being off work due to a work-related health issue …

What is the cost of that lost productivity ?

When you do start to do the maths – safety training is a savvy investment to protect your staff assets.

How can you benefit from health & safety training ?

  • Develop a safety orientated work culture
  • Fewer work injuries for your organisation
  • Reduce your lost work days from sickness and injury
  • Make potential savings on company healthcare costs
  • Reduce your insurance premiums and compensation claims
  • Improve your staff productivity
  • Reduce exposure for public liability claims from accidents

Who should be attending health and safety training ?

Best practice health and safety management comes from setting a positive example from the top. Safety training applies to everyone from the Chief Executive to the office cleaner …and stretches to those representing your organisation such as contractors. Choosing the right safety training courses will very much depend of the sector you operate in and the risks you and your colleagues are exposed to.

What types of organisation should attend health and safety training courses ?

Every organisation has a legal obligation to protect its staff against health and safety risks. Safety training is a core component of that. We work with industry, commerce, and non-profit organisations of all shapes and sizes to deliver top health and safety training courses across the UK.

What kinds of health and safety training are available ?

  • Onsite safety training courses at your workplace – so you can train staff in familiar surroundings
  • Offsite safety training courses  – so staff can concentrate on training away from the business

 See our selection of onsite/offsite safety courses

  • Online safety training courses – so staff can do the courses at a time/place that suits you and staff

See our selection of ONLINE health and safety training options

To find out more about what types of safety training would best suit your needs – contact us today




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