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Health & Safety Procedures

Health & Safety Procedures


Your health and safety procedures from scratch? Safety for Work Ltd will create company health and safety procedures which are tailored according to:

  • Industry type
  • Nature of activities undertaken
  • Type of premises

Your tailor-made health and safety procedures will be created after a comprehensive premises inspection. As part of this process, a safety audit will be conducted. This will include assessment of your procedures, document audits and assessment of safety training needs.

Already have health and safety procedures?

  • Have you moved premises since you set up your procedures?
  • Have you merged with another company since they were set up?
  • When was the last time your safety procedures were reviewed?

Often health and safety procedures are set up initially with best intentions – but then changes in health and safety law renders them out-of-date. Ignorance is no defence when things go wrong. We realise that keeping on top of safety issues can be a challenge when you are running a busy company.

Here at Safety for Work, we work with companies to ensure they always remain compliant. We always bear in mind the key term “reasonably practical” – we realise you want to concentrate on running your organisation and not get bogged down in safety ‘red tape’!



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