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Fire Extinguisher Servicing

Fire Extinguisher Servicing


Safety for Work offer a wide variety of fire equipment testing services right across the UK.

Whether you are looking for a “one-off” service purely for fire extinguisher maintenance or you wish to include this element as part of a wider scope of safety support – we are happy to help.

What is Fire Extinguisher Servicing?
A thorough fire extinguisher inspection is conducted by a qualified engineer to ensure that the appliance is free from damage; fully functioning and compliant with the necessary fire regulations and meet the needs of your fire risk assessment.
All your fire extinguisher components are checked including:

  • Pins
  • Seals
  • Gauges
  • Security Devices

We also organise refilling or recharging fire extinguishers where needed.

Why is Fire Extinguisher maintenance important?
Ensuring your fire safety equipment is kept well maintained is an essential part of your fire safety policies and procedures.
Fire extinguisher maintenance and care should be integrated into your premises Fire Risk Assessment and a legal requirement of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.

Failure to do so leaves your staff and your company vulnerable, not just in safety terms – but also in terms of meeting your business’ insurance obligations.

Which types of fire extinguishers do Safety for Work service?
Safety for work offer the following portable fire extinguisher inspection services :

  • Water fire extinguisher servicing
  • Dry Powder fire extinguisher servicing
  • CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) Fire extinguisher servicing
  • Electrical fire extinguisher servicing
  • Foam fire extinguisher servicing

Whether you have red, green, black, yellow or cream fire extinguishers – we service all types of fire extinguishers as well as fire hoses and fire blankets

How often should fire extinguishers be serviced ?
It is prudent to conduct regular “housekeeping” inspections of your fire extinguishers – such as ensuring they are on their stands or wall mounted correctly; access is not obstructed or signage not obscured.
In addition, an annual fire extinguisher inspection must be conducted by an independent organisation using a qualified engineer. All our inspectors are BAFE qualified. (BAFE is the independent third party registration body for the fire protection industry)

What do clients receive after a fire extinguisher inspection?
Safety for Work will provide a full fire extinguisher inspection report including any recommendations for changes or improvements needed.

What is involved with fire extinguisher testing ?
Under the British Standard an extended service otherwise known as a discharge testing is to be carried out at the stipulated intervals. For water / foam / dry powder or wet chemical this is every 5 years and 10 years for a CO2. If the extinguisher is a powder or CO2 you will be offered a service exchange unit which will work our more economical than in the case of the powder emptying (not practical on site) and refilling or a CO2 returning to the factory for a vacuum test and replacing the valve
Our Service Department will remind you when your annual service is due and make the necessary arrangements for an engineer to visit.

Do Safety for Work offer a fire extinguisher refill service ?
We do offer a refill service – and our team will be happy to arrange this. Alternatively, it may be more cost effective to purchase a new unit with a warranty.

Can we buy fire extinguishers from Safety for Work ?
Safety for Work can provide you with the full range of fire equipment including fire extinguishers, fire safety signs; and additional fire safety training.



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