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Emergency Lighting Tests

Emergency Lighting Tests


How long has it been since you tested your emergency lights?
A few weeks? More than a month? Can’t remember? Not since they were installed … ?
There are stiff penalties for not conducting mandatory testing.
If the worst happens and your workplace has to be evacuated, the emergency lighting system could literally mean life or death for someone trying to escape.

How do you ensure your emergency lighting maintenance is sufficient?
Illuminated paths that help people exit buildings during emergencies are covered by multiple codes and standards, including the National Fire Protection Agency’s NFPA 101 and

  • perform a 30 second emergency lighting test monthly
  • conduct 90 minute test yearly (this involves cutting the power off as if you were having an actual emergency).

What emergency lighting tests are available?
NFPA 101 allows three methods of testing (depending of your type of system and its capabilities)
Fully manual testing – this involves walking through the building, push the test button on every emergency fixture, and recording results.
Self-diagnostic fixtures can run their own monthly tests but the annual 90-minute test will still need to be done manually.
Automated systems with computer backup are capable of running both the monthly and annual tests and recording the results for you.

Why use Safety for Work for emergency light maintenance?
Testing is a time consuming exercise and records need to be thorough and accurate. By outsourcing this element to us, your staff can concentrate on other tasks – but you will have peace of mind you have used experts to ensure your safety compliance.

What are the risks of not conducting emergency light tests?

  • Poor lighting in an evacuation increases the risks of trips and falls
  • Increase of accidents as people cannot see sufficiently to evacuate safely
  • Slower evacuation thus increasing risk of accidents and potentially putting lives at risk
  • Likely fine from authorities when failure to maintain emergency lighting is proven



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