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Display Screen Equipment Assessments

Display Screen Equipment Assessments


Why are DSE assessments necessary?
Display screen equipment assessments (DSE) are now a legal requirement under the Display Screen Equipment Regulations 1992 (amended 2002).

Employers need to protect employees’ health by reducing the risks associated with DSE work.

Display screen equipment applies to more than just a standard PC … it also applies to laptops, monitors and screens.

In addition to ‘blanket’ staff dse assessments, new dse assessments are required if:

  • Dealing with a new or expectant mother (recommendation that this is done for each trimester and one on return to work)
  • Disabled workers
  • Support for work rehabilitation/occupational health requirements
  • A major change to the hardware or software used
  • A major change in the workstation furniture or lighting
  • A substantial increase in the amount of time required to be spent using display screen equipment
  • The relocation of the workstation

What does a display screen risk assessment include?

  • Workplace environment including lighting
  • Workstation layout/ergonomics
  • The display screen
  • The keyboard
  • The work surface
  • The chair
  • Footrests (if applicable)
  • Document management and holders
  • Task design and software
  • User posture and behaviour



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