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CoSHH Assessments

CoSHH Assessments


What is COSHH?
COSHH stands for Control of Substances Hazardous to Health. COSHH is the law that requires organisations to control substances that are hazardous to health.

How does COSHH affect your business?
It means you have a responsibility to reduce and prevent exposure to hazardous substances by:

  • identifying what the health hazards are
  • deciding how to prevent harm to health (risk assessment)
  • ensuring that control measures are in place to reduce harm to health
  • keeping all control measures in good working order
  • ensuring staff and others can access information, instruction and training
  • planning for emergencies.

What is a COSHH assessment?
A COSHH assessment has a number of elements including:

  • Identifying the substances and processes that might be hazardous to health
  • Deciding the likelihood of harm to workers’ health
  • Investigating any areas of concern, eg from the Accident Book or sickness records
  • Gathering the right information about substance management
  • Planning and implementing processes to reduce and prevent risk exposure
  • Establishing control and monitoring measures

Why are COSHH assessments important?
Hundreds of accidents and health issues arise from harmful substances in the workplace. These result in workplace disruption; lost productivity from sickness; and exposure to the organisation being held to account for insufficient safety management.
Effective COSHH assessments and management help reduce incidents substantially.

Who can do a COSHH assessment?
Anyone can conduct a COSHH assessment as long they have sufficient training to do so. Safety for Work Ltd is often asked to conduct COSHH assessments so your staff can concentrate on your core business. Alternatively, you may want to invest in COSHH training to ensure relevant staff have the right competency levels to conduct them in-house.



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