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School Safety

School Safety


School safety management, like any business involving children, needs to be handled with extra diligence and care. School safety hazards are plentiful but the good news is that most accidents are foreseeable and preventable.

The foundation stone for any school safety management programme is the School Safety Policy Document or School Safety Manual.

When did you last review your school’s safety policies?

The school safety policy needs to contain:

  • A statement of intent
  • Organisation chart showing lines of responsibility for safety issues
  • Safety policies and procedures relevant to the school environment including
  • Conducting school safety risk assessments
  • Accident reporting in school
  • School fire safety management
  • Emergency evacuation
  • School trip safety
  • After school clubs and activities safety
  • School laboratory safety including COSHH
  • Driving (minibus/on school business)
  • Control of Contractors – safety requirements of working on school sites
  • School Safety Training Requirements
  • School Safety Management & Monitoring Guidance

Why not let us run through a FREE mini school safety checklist with you!

Why outsource school safety management?

  • Reassurance that you’ll be compliant with all the relevant safety laws and regulations
  • Save time and energy so you can concentrate on educational issues
  • Reassurance your staff safety training is always kept up-to-date
  • Advice on school risk assessments at your fingertips from experts you can trust
  • School Safety Advice

Whether you just need some safety training or you want a full school safety management service, we can offer support in all of the following areas:

  • School risk assessments
  • School safety policies
  • School fire risk assessments
  • School electrical safety testing